For Accounting

Let's work together! Foodager works with accountants to simplify invoice management by 50% and eliminates manual AP data entry.

Grow your business while Foodager syncs with your existing accounting software:

Streamline AP instantly

Cut invoice management in half! Once an invoice is received, Foodager automatically
matches it to accounting GL codes and managers can set up approval flows.

Eliminate data entry and mistakes. Entirely.

Managers take a picture or scan the invoice. Foodager performs all invoice data entry, reconcilation and once appoved,
sends the coded bill and invoice image electronically to your accounting software.

Assist your clients with inventory and cost optimization

Receive inventory reports the moment an inventory audit is complete.
Monitor powerful purchase analytics over time or real-time inventory to help your clients improve their business.


Streamlined AP

Receive invoices at delivery, Foodager processes them automatically for AP. Rest assured, managers set approvals and we'll check to ensure you don't miss an invoice.

Invoice Data Entry

Know your costs without entering a single invoice! Snap a photo or scan the invoice, Foodager completes line item data entry to track every purchase.

Invoice Vault

Unlimited invoice storage. View all of your invoices, anytime and on any device. Say goodbye to digging through your filing cabinet.

Bill Syncing

Never enter another bill again. Bevager automatically syncs with accounting to send bills, GL codes and the invoice image.

Inventory Reporting

Monitor real-time inventory and view consumption, sales and variance. Foodager helps you recover up to 10% of your kitchen that's lost to waste.

Purchase Reporting

Track purchasing across your vendors. Watch price fluctuations by item and optimize purchases to improve the bottom line.

Tired of spending your day entering invoices?

Let Foodager streamline your AP today to take your business to the next level.